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ISBN: 9781556527081

FILENAME: The Eagle and the Raven.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 28 Oct 2007

However, The Eagle and the Raven claimes to be a 'novel' (which to me means that it would read like a story), but in fact it reads like a history lesson. A well written history lesson, but still a history lesson.


Spanning three generations, this historical novel tells the tale of Boudicca, the most famous warrior of ancient Britain, and Caradoc, the son of a Celtic king, who sets out to unite the people of the Raven and lead them against Rome. Caradoc's objective is not easily accomplished as the Roman army advances into Britain, raping Celtic women and burning villages to the ground. His efforts are also met with fierce opposition from Aricia, the vain queen of a northern tribe who swears allegiance to the Romans after Caradoc slights her, and from Gladys, Caradoc's warrior sister who falls in love with her Roman captor. Unfortunately, Caradoc's endeavors are left unresolved when he is taken prisoner, but Boudicca, a strong-willed woman, ultimately takes up the cause that was Caradoc's legacy.

She was the flame-haired Boudicca, Queen of the Britons, whose passion and pride lit up the mysterious world of the ancient Celts. From the valleys and mountains of still barbaric Britain to the classic grandeur and corruption of Claudius's Rome, here is the unforgettable drama of a warrior queen to...

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